EEST, India was formed on 20-Dec-2008 and established in Mumbai. Its purposes are exclusively charitable & educational. EEST, India is planned on the lines of EESF, U.S.A. (Elevator Escalator Safety Foundation, U.S.A.). EEST is a non-profit organization that operates through the generosity of donors and friends.

EEST seeks the co-operation of the Elevator & Escalator Industry, other stake holders and well wishers to establish & build a nationwide people of responsible practitioners of Safe Riders on elevators, escalators & moving walks. The preliminary plan to achieve the same is through sharing, learning from each other, creating awareness program modules to be administered to communities/schools in Mumbai and across India. Thus, creating awareness, saving lives & facilitating in the prevention of accidents amongst commuters/users of the vertical transportation is the primary objective of the Trust.

Founding Trustee – TAK Mathews

Trustee – Manisha Gangal & P.J. Anthony

Trust Director – Marizinha Chitnis